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Dirt Rally 2.0 is getting VR support (but not at launch)

Support for virtual reality is finally coming to Dirt Rally 2.0. In a Facebook post earlier today, the game’s developer, Codemasters, confirmed that players will be able to play the game in VR thanks to the Oculus Rift, although support won’t be available until later this year.

The post is pretty self-explanatory. It reads “We heard you. Oculus heard you. Dirt Rally 2.0 + Oculus = this summer,” confirming the regularly requested feature will eventually make its way to the game. In the run up to release, fans have made plenty of noise about their desire to play the hardcore driving sim in virtual reality.

While it’s clear that Oculus will be providing VR for the game in the first instance, there’s not a lot more information in the post. There’s no word, for example, on the inclusion of VR support from the HTC Vive (or via PSVR, for console players), and no official release date – although ‘summer’ means players will be waiting at least a few months after the launch later this month to strap on their headsets.

The confirmation of VR might have been a good while coming, but it’s not a huge surprise. Last year, Codemasters confirmed that the feature would be implemented if there was “enormous demand” from the community, but did note that it definitely wouldn’t be in place in time for launch on February 26. The game’s predecessor also received VR support after its launch.

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VR isn’t the only major change coming to Dirt Rally 2.0, however. The handling system is getting overhauled, and new game modes are on their way to the game. If you want some idea of what that sounds like, you can check out Rich’s Dirt Rally 2.0 preview, although I’d suggest that the addition of VR to that experience would have pushed him over the boundary into heart attack territory.