Dirt Rally 2.0 will get VR support if there’s “enormous demand”

Dirt Rally 2.0 will not launch with VR support, but developer Codemasters says that’s not the final world. VR could eventually be part of the rally racing sequel, but that depends entirely on how badly the community wants it. Judging by the comments we’ve seen there’s no shortage of desire, but apparently it’s going to take a bit more to push the feature over the edge.

“We won’t be having VR in the game for launch,” says chief game designer Ross Gowing. “But it is something that we’re listening to everybody’s comments and all the things the community have to say about it, and we are all ears. If there’s enormous demand for it then yeah, we can do it. It’s no small undertaking but if it’s what people want then we’ll try and get it done.”

Gowing’s comments were noted by VRFocus, and you can hear them for yourself at 6:00 in the video below. It’s a pretty boilerplate answer, and the wait for VR support will be disappointing to headset owners, but at least it’s not a no.

The previous Dirt Rally also got VR support well after release, and not until long after the game had left Early Access. But the wait was worthwhile by most accounts, as Rally’s VR implementation stands among the best of any sim.

Our Dirt Rally 2.0 hands-on impressions can provide much more detail on what to expect from Codemasters’ follow-up, along with a small, tasteful dose of Phil Mills fan fiction.