Discord wants to put your loading line suggestions in the app

Discord wants you to provide the next set of loading lines for the chat client


We’ve all shifted between grimacing and smirking at Discord’s tongue-in-cheek loading messages, but if you think you can do better, you’ve now got an opportunity. Discord’s made an open call for submissions on social media, so if you want to get in and prove that your loading screen senses are cleverer than all the rest, you’ve got your chance.

“New year new lines,” Discord tweets. “Reply with a loading line and we may put it in Discord.” So don’t necessarily count on your brilliant suggestion making the cut – after all, there are already over 57,000 replies to the tweet just a couple days after posting. On the plus side, only some of them are offensive.

This isn’t the first time Discord’s asked for loading line suggestions, either – plenty of old calls for new messages have expanded the pool over the past few years. Given that I just loaded up Discord to see Leroy Jenkins is still in rotation, I think it’s about time we got the memes up to date.

Or we should just go all the way out of touch and make sure it’s nothing but All Your Base references.

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If you miss out on your opportunity to inflict your loading lines on the world, there’ll surely be another opportunity in the relatively near future.