Disgaea PC arrives, quality of port in debate

Disgaea PC port

Disgaea’s eagerly anticipated PC launch arrived yesterday, and the port is splitting the community on whether it’s acceptable or not. The early-’00s mix of strategy and JRPG was first a PS2 title in 2003 and has taken some time to reach our shores. It’s a mix of huge spells, party combos, levelling up and comedy involving penguins that call everybody ‘dood.’

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Trailer’s worth a watch even if you have no interest in the game, frankly. I’m not one for ‘wacky’ but this certainly fits that descriptor:

Not sure where they found the great hybrid of a WWE announcer and Christian Bale’s Batman, but I’d like him to work on all game trailers from now until the end of time, please. I’ve never played the series, but it definitely has ridiculous moves down to a tee. Would have preferred basketball over baseball, but here we are.

As for the port, opinions are split. There was worry after Destructoid reported some serious concerns, but the Steam forums and review section aren’t the apocalypse of rage you’d normally expect in those scenarios. Hefty rigs don’t seem to be having many problems, and turning off a few settings is the generally given advice. Those on machines from a few years back are reporting issues though, and really shouldn’t be – emulating the PSP version would be possible on those machines without a hitch.

Overall, probably not the best port in the world. If you’re not desperate, wait for word of fixes. If you are, at least by the power of Steam refunds you’ll be able to check yourself and get your money back if it doesn’t run acceptably. Let us know how you get on below.

Thanks, PCG.