Dishonored 2’s world and characters pop up in the animated Book of Karnaca trailer

One of the few pop-up books that's not for kids

It’s your lucky day if you fancied knowing a little more about Dishonored 2’s story. The characters and premise are laid out in detail, but without spoilers, in a new narrative trailer.

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The hype campaign for Dishonored 2 is kicking into high gear this week, as right afterCorvo’s character spotlightyesterday, a new narrative trailer arrives in the novel (heh) form of a pop-up book.

You (probably) already know most of what it says at the start: Emily Kaldwin has grown up under original protagonist Corvo Attano’s watch, yet been deposed from the throne of Dunwall, and has now fled with Corvo to his hometown of Karnaca.

What follows is new and intriguing, with many binary statements that possibly hint at the outcomes of the sequel’s Chaos system. Speaking of Karnaca, the narrator says the city is home to “inventions that will elevate every citizen, or crush them beneath metallic feet”. Just as a violent or merciful approach to gameplay in the original would affect the young Emily’s mindset as she ascended to the throne, perhaps the benevolence of Karnaca’s future rulers – whomever they turn out to be – hangs in the balance this time around?

The trailer’s last quarter looks at Delilah, who returns from the original’s DLC as the main antagonist of Dishonored 2. “Survival and ambition, art and magic, with a cunning that makes sycophants of those around her. Now she’s got the throne, but her eyes are set on a much greater prize.”

The trailer concludes with some more of those dual statements, emphasising that “in Karnaka there’s always a choice. Mercy or revenge, saviour or assassin? What would you give up to take back what’s yours?”

Dishonored 2 is out on November 11, but you can play a day early if you pre-order. To do that, head to the game’sSteam page.

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