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See Dishonored 2’s powers combined in sadistic ways in the Creative Kills trailer

Dishonored 2 creative kills

Dishonored is good. I tell people this fact quite often, and yet it’s looking like the sequel might even be – whisper it – better. I think that might partly because of how self-aware it is now. 

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The first Dishonored spawned countless montage videos on YouTube, each with players displaying their mastery of the game’s powers, combining them in clever ways to murder their way through the levels. These videos could sell you the game. This time, Bethesda have made their own, as you can see above.

If you were planning on playing as Corvo instead of Emily, the Creative Kills trailer might just change her mind. Emily doesn’t kill people one-at-a-time – she’s a force of nature and her Domino power, which links people’s fates, seems massively overpowered, in the best possible way.

At one point in the new trailer she makes a duplicate of herself, links a bunch of guards to it and throws it off a cliff – the guards go following after it. She can also use the decoy to escape battle, possessing it as her old body is cut down and carrying on the fight in her new body.

Basically: seeya, Corvo – your long hair and time manipulation abilities just won’t cut it anymore.