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Dishonored 2 Corvo gameplay trailer highlights Corvo and Delilah, the game’s villain

Dishonored 2 gameplay

Much of Dishonored 2’s pre-release focus has been on Emily and her tentacle-arm friends. Corvo is now getting his time in the sun in the latest trailer, where he goes after her usurper, Delilah, and all her cronies. She’s also got something a little spooky about her, with some seemingly magic powers of her own.

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Corvo seems a lot more personal than Emily’s shadow-hand style, with a lot more neck-snaps and face-kneeing followed up by endless knives. Just, so many knives. His powers are pretty brutal too – clearly, somebody’s pissed him off.

Presumably that is Delilah, the villain of this whole thing. She’s taken the throne from Emily and is ruling with an iron and eldritch fist – a few more cthulian horrors than I’m used to. Whether that’s the final kill or something remains beyond her, we’ll discover soon.

Release is set for November 11, less than two months away. Expect the trailer count to ramp up from here as the legions of Q4 games all try for your wallet.