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Dishonored 2 is 16-20 hours long on your first playthrough, up to 30 for the slower paced

Dishonored 2 playtime

The nice thing about making a highly anticipated game is you get to spend time playing it, every so often. Dishonored 2 co-creator Harvey Smith tweeted this morning that he was just finishing up a fresh playthrough of the game, taking him 15 hours on Hard using Emily and a selection of powers. He followed it up by giving some details on how long they were aiming for with first playthroughs, as well as where they’ve ended up.

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Here’s the pair of relevant tweets:

These numbers, as Smith says, average out to a little higher than Dishonored for standard runs, and about the same if you’re going full completionist, at least based on the ever-reliable How Long To Beat.

A few folks sent him questions in response, including how long he felt like speedrunners would get it down to – he’s not sure, saying those guys “work MIRACLES“. It is basically impossible to tell how long a speedrun will be. One particularly gamebreaking bug can cut 10 hours off a run, while a very solid engine might mean only a few small optimizations are possible.

Smith also confirmed that the PC version of the game was being developed in-house at Arkane, rather than outsourced as we’ve seen with a few triple-A titles recently. Some smaller details in his other replies, if you’d like to take a look.

Game’s out in a couple of months on November 11. That’s going to be a busy period, Dishonored 2 coming out in the middle of everything from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (plus a couple of other big-name shooters) to Watch_Dogs 2. It will be a good one, no matter what you like.