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Dishonored 2’s Corvo and Emily will both be voiced

Dishonored 2

Dishonored is a game all about the silent approach, both in your stealthy methods of killing, and your interaction with other people. Protagonist Corvo was completely mute, silently taking in the observations of others, and offering no input of his own. 

That’s all going to change in Dishonored 2, which will feature voice acting for both of the game’s main protagonists. 

Our very own Kirk asked Dishonored 2’s co-creative director Harvey Smith if Corvo and Emily will be voiced in Dishonored 2, to which Smith simply replied: “yes, both.”

Dishonored saw Emily at a much younger age, and was voiced by movie star Chloë Grace Moretz. With a bit of luck, she’ll be back to play grown-up Emily in Dishonored 2, even though the character will be now a few years older than Moretz’s actual age.

While Corvo remained mute throughout Dishonored and his appearances in the DLC, Michael Madsen voiced a rather more chatty Daud, who was the player character in the game’s two expansions. If this is the route Arkane intent to tread for the sequel, that’s no bad thing, especially if the talent is equally strong. Our other theory is that the player character remains mute, but the other protagonist not being controlled at the time will contribute dialogue.

Whatever the approach, we eagerly anticipate the announcement of Dishonored 2’s overall voice cast. The first game was a collection of incredibly strong players.