Dishonored 2 speedruns: Emily beats Corvo, but the half-hour barrier remains unbroken

Dishonored 2 speed run

Ambling your way through the latest triple-A hit are you? Giving it a good twenty hours, enjoying the experience of a ten out of ten game? Dishonored 2 is worth savouring, but that hasn’t stopped the internet’s best and brightest from deciding they’re going to blink, sprint and grapple their way through at lightning pace, the current quickly-rotating records all sitting just over the half-hour mark. Naturally, spoilers in the above video and to follow.

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Emily holds the record though the majority of faster runs are with Corvo, at least in these early days, and the glitches and skips don’t seem too unreasonable so far. A combination of knowing where you’re going and using the tools available – as well as the odd dodgy wall and skipping cutscenes – will jet you through the opening few levels at least. It may get more extreme from there on, but I’m trying to avoid spoilers.

The fastest time without loads (due to inconsistencies between different PCs) so far is 30 minutes and 6 seconds, as embedded above, but there’s been multiple changes in leader today so far already. tracks the leaderboard and it will be likely updated regularly over the next couple of weeks while it’s the current in-game.

They’ve also got a guides section which links to this GDoc of discoveries and routes so far. A particular highlight is Emily’s rather extreme bunnyhopping, which combined with the insanely long-ranged far-reach upgrades has put her ahead of dear old dad in these early days. Blink has its advantages, however, so expect them to pip each other to the prize a few times yet until it settles in which is best – at which point the two categories will become their own distinct races.

Thanks, PCG.