The Outsider makes you an offer in Dishonored 2’s launch trailer

"Have you seen my pupils?"

The Outsider, the godlike figure responsible for granting you your powers in Dishonored’s universe, makes his pitch to new protagonist Emily Kaldwin in Dishonored 2’s new launch trailer.

Any questions ahead of the launch? Here’s everything we know about Dishonored 2.

The clock is rapidly ticking down to the release of Dishonored 2, by which I mean it’s ticking no more or less rapidly than it usually does, but it’s not got much more ticking left to do.

And, right on time, the keenly-anticipated immersive sim has got a new launch trailer, starring the entity who wants to help you Take Back What’s Yours, if you let him.

Largely absent from marketing materials so far, the Outsider was the source of Corvo’s powers in the first game, and is now asking deposed Empress Emily Kaldwin to accept his supposed ‘gift’. He recaps the various misfortunes that have befallen her, most of which we’ve seen before, but interestingly, we see the usurper Delilah turn Corvo to stone. Perhaps this is what happens to theotherof the two protagonists based on your choice to play as either Corvo or Emily?

The Outsider then asks what you’re prepared to do, and some new gameplay shows off Emily’s range of possible powers, and all the brutal ways you can dispatch your opponents if you wish, as a clock ticks insistently in the background.

Dishonored 2 is on Steam here, and due for release this Friday, November 11. If you pre-order, you can play a day early – here’s when it unlocks in your region.