The Miller Rapport shows you how Dishonored 2 should really be played…

The Miller Rapport Dishonored 2

We don’t give many 10/10 review scores on PCGamesN. But however much it might have enraged certain corners of the internet, Dishonored 2 is a one such creation that we believe deserves the big one-zero. It is, simply, a quite magnificent stealth-action game.

Or is it? Never a man to be shy about telling people that they and their opinions are wrong, Simon Miller has a different take. He believe that Dishonored 2 is actually a pure FPS in the Battlefield/Call of Duty mould, only with swords and magical powers replacing the shotguns and LMGs.

Rather than sneaking through the darkness and avoiding all suspicion, you should in fact be treating Arkane’s masterpiece as a ‘how many guards can I behead in each level?’ competition. And that’s a competition that Mr. Miller is winning.

So watch, admire, and tell him how mad his skillz are in the comment. Or tell him he’s an idiot… but be warned that you’re risking limbs if you do.