The Knife of Dunwall Dishonored DLC trailer spells Daud’s doom via massive marine mammals


I’m getting a distinct dying-whale-growl vibe from this latest Dishonored DLC trailer. You’ll have to see for yourself, but there’s just the faintest whiff of blubber-borne shame about the whole affair.

Oh, nope! Wasn’t just me. There he is at 0:55 – the still-living metaphor for a city that values efficiency above empathy. Don’t think you’ve quite grasped his significance? Here – try wading upstream against the current of our thematically-sound chum’s warm blood as it weeps through the cracks of the slaughterhouse.

New protagonist Daud’s unique abilities are all on show here, including his nasty wrist-mounted mini-crossbow, distasteful arc mines, and downright rude time-freeze blink move.

Like this trailer, The Knife of Dunwall – and its DLC sequel, The Brigmore Witches – will be soundtracked by lobe-lopping Reservoir Dogs veteran Michael Madsen. Steve went hands on with the game last month and found his voiceover to be a welcome new flavour in an otherwise familiar whale-broth. What do you think of him so far?

The new campaign is due out on Tuesday April 16.

Thanks, PC Gamer.