Reservoir Dogs’ Michael Madsen signs up to voice Daud in Dishonored DLC

Let us hope those Brigmore witches stay in their namesake. Brr.

The more diligent newsmen and women among you will have already have opened your comment boxes to reinform us that, actually, Michael Madsen already was Daud, and if you were to fire up Dishonored you’d find him still there, growling through a faceful of scars. The news, however, is that Madsen will reprise his role for Daud’s newly significant role as protagonist in two planned chunks of DLC: The Knife of Dunwall, and The Brigmore Witches.

Madsen is best remembered for his twin turns under the direction of Quentin Tarantino – as cheeky sadist Mr Blonde in Reservoir Dogs, and later as redneck assassin Budd in Kill Bill volumes one and two.

If you remember him for this scene, you’ll also remember that it’s NSFW:

Unlike mute predecessor Corvo Attano, who did all of his talking very loudly via his actions, Daud will regularly comment on in-game events, the weather, current affairs and his own distant redemption post-queen stabbing. In our Knife of Dunwall hands-on, Steve reported that the game “feels chattier, and more like Thief” as a result. A touch of Garrett can’t hurt an already successful formula, can it?

A Knife of Dunwall release date has been announced for April 17, with sister DLC The Brigmore Witches due to follow before the end of the year.