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Disney Infinity on PC now has Play Set mode; full Play Set bundle only costs £49.95

Disney Infinity gets Play Set mode on PC

Disney Infinity, Disney’s attempt to cash in on the Skylanders craze, has just been expanded on PC. Until now, PC users only had access to a free Toy Box mode and it functioned like the iPad app. To use the premium characters and their content, you had to utilise a web code that came with ones purchased for consoles. 

Now, the Play Set mode can be accessed, and PC players can purchase and download content previously exclusive to consoles for a fraction of the price. You won’t have the physical toys but all the in-game stuff is available. 

The full Play Set bundle only costs £49.95, and the game itself remains free. Furthermore, if you’re downloading it for the first time on PC, you’ll get 85 starter toys, Mr. Incredible and a premade adventure. All the user-generated content and weekly challenges will also be available – this is all for free. If you have been previously playing it on a console and have play sets and toys, you can access them on PC as well.

The difference in price is absolutely massive. The Cars play set, for instance, is £9.95 for PC and comes with an extra character, but the physical version costs over £18 and the extra character is not included. Rare crystal characters are also available in some bundles.

I adore Disney, and was very excited by Disney Infinity when it was first announced, but the astronomical price for getting all the content put me off. It’s the sort of game I’d dip in and out of, not something I’d ever want to invest hundreds of pounds in. The appeal for me was the gameplay, not the physical toys, so I don’t think I’ll be missing out if I get the digital version.

Cheers, Box Mash.