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The new Divinity game is “on hold” for the Divine knows how long

Divinity: Fallen Heroes might still come out someday, but it won't be any time soon

Divinity: Fallen Heroes

Divinity: Fallen Heroes was originally supposed to launch in November, and if it seems like that’s too soon for a game we’ve heard little about of late, you’re not wrong. Today, Larian Studios has announced that the strategy-focused spin-off is on hold “unspecified period of time,” as it’s become clear to the developers that the game isn’t properly coming together in its current form.

“Originally scheduled for a November 2019 release,” Larian says in its announcement, “it has become clear to everyone involved that the game will need far greater development time and resources than are available now to bring it to fruition, in a fun and sustainable way.”

Fallen Heroes was being co-developed with Logic Artists, which is focused on building a third Expedition game under THQ Nordic as well as an original IP. The studio says “it’s been an incredible honour to work with Larian on their Divinity IP, and everyone at Logic Artists has been blown away by how helpful and welcoming Larian has been throughout the project.”

The announcement does not make it clear whether Logic Artists will return to work on Fallen Heroes in the future, but it sounds unlikely based on the phrasing here.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the next project for Larian itself, but its release date is still yet to be announced. You can follow that link for our full interview with the studio on its plans to revive the classic RPG series.