New Divinity: Original Sin 2 spells morph foes into chickens and slap them with tentacles

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Polymorphing and summoning are now live in Divinity: Original Sin 2, letting you conjure up creatures from black goo before infusing them with elements. Alternatively, take on animal characteristics yourself, or inflict them on your enemies. 

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Using these new magical abilities you can gore your enemies with bull horns, slap them with a wet tentacle, get to a vantage point by sprouting wings, or turn your foes into a chicken.

These new skill come in a fresh patch for the Early Access RPG. You can check out some of the abilities in the video above. Here’s an in-depth look from the developers on how it all works.

The polymorph skill in particular seems to open up each battleground, allowing players to hop over, get under, or smash through obstacles.

As for the summoning school, players can raise up totems and make an upgradable incarnate materialise to do their bidding. These incarnates also take on the elements of wherever they’re spawned, adding an extra strategic layer to battles.