Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition gets Mac, Linux and SteamOS versions

Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, one and all. All anyone’s caroling about this most festive of days is that Larian have just released their exemplary RPG Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition onto a few new platforms, including SteamOS for those about to unrwap shiny new Steam Boxes. What kind of catchphrase is ‘Ho ho ho!’ anyway? He’s one of the most accomplished time managers on the planet, celebrated the world over for his benevolence, and all he can think to say is ‘Ho ho ho’?

Larian’s Kickstarter success made it into the ranks of PCGamesN’s best PC RPGs, of course.

Now available on Mac, Linux and SteamOS (itself a modified Linux build), D:OSEE (!) is basically now omnipresent on anything smarter than a calculator.

Which is great news, of course. I have yet to finish the game personally, because 2015 has been a Sisyphean struggle for RPG players, but I very much enjoyed the hours of throwing barrels around and having conversations with myself that I did put in. It’s curiously light-hearted in tone, but has so many interesting mechanical quirks that it’ll probably win you over even if you prefer a grimmer, Witcher-like world.

The Enhanced Edition adds literally thousands of improvements to the base game. Some are small, like a tweaked UI and added sounds, and some are big, like local split-screen co-op and the Source Hunter DLC bundled gratis.

To mark the occasion, Larian remarked that the PC version of the game has been updated too so it’s now “in synch with the Mac & Linux version” and that they’ve “fixed a number of stability issues reported by players.”

Cheers, PC Gamer.