Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition had prizes hidden in its EULA


Always read the small print – that’s what they say. It seems they were right, too, because the first 100 people who actually bothered to read the EULA (End User License Agreement) for Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition found a lovely secret hidden within. 

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In a little experiment from Larian Studios, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition’s EULA – the huge wall of text that we all generally skip past – contained the following line:

“16. Special Consideration. A special consideration in material or immaterial form may be awarded to the first 100 authorized licensees to actually read this section of the EULA and contact Larian Studios at [email protected]. This offer can be withdrawn by Larian Studios at any time.”

The experiment was to see if anyone actually bothered to read the legal speak, and it turns out they do. For their trouble, these people got a bunch of Larian game codes, and Larian’s lawyer got a smug sense of satisfaction.

“Our lawyer feels good about this,” the developer explained via their Facebook page. “He’s also revoking the consideration because we’re making him pay for every mail we get.”

Thanks, QuarterToThree.