Divinity: Original Sin hardcore mode still in the works


Back when Divinity: Original Sin was just a Kickstarter project for developer Larian, a hardcore mode was promised for the game. Yet launch has come and gone, and there’s no sign of that fabled mode in the full game. That’s not a permanent thing though, and Larian have assured fans in a new update that the mode is under full development and will be coming to the game.

For the hardcore mode, Larian are adjusting every encounter in the game to ensure nothing is comfortable. Enemies will be outfitted with new skills and tactics so your previous strategies will be useless. Essentially you’ll need to re-learn how to play Divinity all over again, and if you’re the kind of person who finds the notion of hardcore a blessing then this is probably exactly what you wanted from it.

The mode is taking longer than Larian expected, so as of yet there’s no date set. But when that date arrives it could also bring with it a bunch of other new features; the economy, story, and companions are all having a little extra work performed on them, meaning we could be seeing a new fresh face on Divinity sometime next year.

A new patch addressing bug fixes will arrive in January, proof that even though harcore isn’t here quite yet, Larian are certainly not ignoring Divinity.

Thanks, PC Gamer.