Division 2 Acosta’s Go-Bag Exotic backpack guide

The first Exotic backpack has been uncovered in The Division 2, here's how to get it

acostas go bag division 2 exotic backpack

The Division 2 Warlords of New York expansion appears to have brought many more changes than the community was anticipating and it’s fair to say the community feedback has been mixed so far. However, the addition of the game’s first Exotic backpack was a surprise no players were expecting, least of all as it appears to be lootable in both Washington, D.C. and the shiny new Lower Manhattan expansion area. The Division 2 Acosta’s Go-Bag Exotic backpack won’t be one of the most sought after items in the game when there new SMGs like the Division 2 Lady Death Exotic, but it provides heaps of utility and is worth adding to your armory.

A few players have recorded finding this new Exotic armor piece and while the location definitely is not consistent, the method is. This Exotic backpack can be scavenged from faction caches using keys.

To help you get your hands on the new item as fast as possible, we’ve compiled a quick roundup of where players have reported finding The Division 2 Acosta’s Go-Bag, plus the talents and stats it provides – you don’t want to spend hours hunting for it if it doesn’t suit your build.

Acosta’s Go-Bag talents

The new Exotic backpack appears to come with two talents:

One in Hand…

Damaging an enemy with a grenade grants +1 skill tier for 15s. Grants Overcharge if already at skill tier 6.

… Two in the Bag

1+ Armor Kit capacity
3+ Grenade capacity
+25% Ammo capacity
+10% Repair-skills
+10% Status effects

That’s a lot of utility for a gear piece, and could be very helpful for builds that rely on grenade spamming or skill damage. The repair-skills and status effects buffs are also very handy. The Division 2 Exotics don’t generally cater to utility and skill builds so this addition may help.

New Exotic Backpack "Acosta’s Go-Bag" from thedivision

How to get Acosta’s Go-Bag Exotic

Two methods have been reported by players so far and they do differ quite a bit. One user reports finding Acosta’s Go-Bag in a Hyena cache in Jefferson Trade Center. Another user claims to have found the backpack in a Cleaner cache while doing a bounty. So there’s currently no clear way to get hold of this backpack, but it would appear that it can be obtained by opening faction cases with keys. We will update this when we know more about the process, but this should give you a rough idea of how to get this new backpack for yourself.