Division 2 Bighorn Exotic rifle guide: where the new Exotic drops

Here's how to get the latest new Exotic rifle in The Division 2

Bighorn Exotic in Division 2

The Bighorn is one of the new Division 2 Exotic weapons in the recently released expansion, Warlords of New York. The assault rifle was teased on the official Twitter page prior to release, but other than its name, all they’ve given us in terms of official info is a picture – and it certainly lives up to its name, with a barrel the size of a… big horn.

Warlords of New York players are already trying to hunt down the expansion’s Exotic weapons – namely, the Bighorn, Bullet King, and Lady Death. Though many have reached the new level cap of 40, these weapons are incredibly rare and the missions are particularly challenging, so we don’t imagine there are many in circulation yet.

If you’re after a, erm, Bighorn of your own, you’ll want to know where it can be found in the wild, and what it’ll be capable of once in your hands. Here’s everything you need to know about the Bighorn assault rifle in The Division 2 Warlords of New York expansion.

Bighorn Talents

Big Game Hunter

  • When scoped, switches to semi-automatic fire mode, dealing 450% weapon damage with each shot.

How to get a Bighorn in the Division 2

Thanks to a datamine by Ahmad#0001 from the Community Discord, and this reddit post by u/Hurinzor, we know how to hunt down the Bighorn in Division 2.

The Bighorn drops from Legendary Missions/Strongholds, at a rate of 5%.

There are plenty of other Exotic items in the Warlords of New York expansion, from backpacks to holsters, so keep checking back on PCGN for more guides like this.