Division 2 Bullet King Exotic guide: how to get the new Exotic LMG

What better way to reference a beloved NPC than with a shiny new Exotic LMG?

Bullet King in Division 2

One of the new Exotics in The Division 2: Warlords of New York expansion is the Bullet King, an LMG named after the beloved World Boss from the first Division game. If you’re not familiar with the Bullet King NPC, he became wildly popular among players because he would respawn over and over as long as you didn’t kill his minions. This meant players could head out of the Autumn’s Hope safe house, gun him down and then return to the safehouse, causing him to instantly respawn ready to be farmed again.

Although this exploit was patched, he’d already become a cult favourite – and now Division 2 players are after his namesake gun. Warlords of New York has only just launched, but there are already several eager players at the new level cap of 40, farming their hearts out in the hope of obtaining one of the powerful new Exotic weapons.

We haven’t heard any news of players finding the Bullet King yet – but thanks to a datamine, we know how and where it’s meant to drop, and the nature of its unique talent. Here’s everything you need to know about Bullet King in The Division 2 Warlords of New York expansion.

Bullet King Talents

Bullet Hell

  • This weapon never needs to be reloaded
  • For every 100 bullets that hit an enemy, replenish some ammo to you and your allies’ reserves

How to get the Bullet King in the Division 2

Thanks to a datamine by Ahmad#0001 from the Community Discord, and this reddit post by u/Hurinzor, we now know how to get our hands on the Bullet King – the LMG, not the NPC. Thanks both!

The Bullet King drops in Rikers missions, with a 1% chance on normal, 3% on hard, 5% on challenging, and 7% on heroic.

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