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The Division PC release not ruled out, says Ubisoft



Whoever is manning The Division’s Twitter account has just given hope to all PC gamers (I’m assuming you’re all equally excited for Ubisoft’s plague-centric multiplayer RPG), saying that, while the current focus is consoles, they’re “not ruling out any platforms for the future.”

As we well know, this is code for a PC release is guaranteed.*

The tweet in question:

So, no, it’s not confirmation that The Division will see a release on PC but what with the console manufacturers doing all that they can to claim exclusives at the moment, this may be the closest we’ll get to one for the foreseeable future.

Just earlier today we got a similar half-nod for a PC release of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

The Division’s been the best looking game on show at E3 so far (at least from the big developers; I’ve a soft spot for Below and Transistor). It’s set in a gorgeously detailed world, its co-operative multiplayer looks to be an intriguing mix of small-scale four-player missions and a persistent world map, and it’s not saddled with the coldness of Ubisoft’s other third-person open-world game, Watch Dogs. In short, I want it.

*This isn’t a guarantee.