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Why the new consoles are good for The Division on PC

The Division: massive multiplayer, by Massive.

You’re only as strong as the weakest platform you’re supporting, and PC gamers have got used to developers making concessions for the consoles. But Far Cry 4 is likely the last major Ubisoft game to pull the Xbox 360 and PS3 along with it: 2015 and beyond belongs to only the most powerful machines.

That’s great news for The Division especially. Ubisoft Massive are PC developers in their bones - and when they saw how the new consoles worked, they leapt for joy.

“We were a very, very hardcore PC gamer studio before,” Massive managing director David Polfeldt told Gamespot. “And we never understood the previous generation of consoles very well from a technological standpoint.”

When Massive saw the specs for the new-gen consoles, however, they realised they weren’t going to have to abandon their roots to build The Division.

“I remember we had a meeting at Massive and we just looked at each other and said, ‘Is this what I think it is? Is this our home turf?’ Because on this hardware, we can be excellent. We can be one of the best.”

Since their founding in 1997 until their acquisition by Ubisoft, Massive worked exclusively on PC games - two Ground Controls, World of Conflict, and expansion packs for each.

Since the French publisher picked them up in 2008, however, they’ve been a support studio, working on Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Far Cry 3.

Did you see The Division’s E3 trailer? Utterly, utterly miserable. But exquisitely so.

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PurgatorialFlame avatar
PurgatorialFlame Avatar
3 Years ago

in 2-4 years we'll start feeling the sting of these new consoles holding back the industry. Last generation is was primarily the RAM, this generation... it's the RAM again!

A perfect example is comparing Crysis to Crysis 2. Back in 2007 the CEO of Crytek said at a conference that the PS3 & Xbox360 were too outdated to run the first Crysis. It took them four years to figure out what to cut back on to make it work on those consoles! Yet somehow EA convinced them to make the sequels on consoles, you can feel in everything from the controls, map size and A.I it was all a step backwards. The third game sold disappointingly because the PC crowd wasn't going to be fooled twice.

The day one patch to change "Press Start to begin" only confirmed that PC was an afterthought.