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DLC Fall: Titanfall Expedition map pack coming in May

Titanfall Expedition

Respawn has revealed a small selection of details on the first Titanfall DLC pack at PAX East. The map pack will release next month and contain three maps. A new game mode will also be coming along for the ride, and will be a free update for everyone.

Our Rob is certainly happy after giving the game a 9/10 in his Titanfall review.

Contained in the Expedition pack will be maps Runoff, Swamplands, and Wargames. The image above shows off some art from Swamplands, which looks exactly as it’s name suggests. Runoff contains a labyrinth of pipes and water, and Wargames is set within the Titan training facility. There’s no news if these maps will bring along new weapons or Titan gadgets, new Burn Cards have been confirmed. The maps also take place after Titanfall’s campaign, suggesting there may be a little story packaged with them too.

Customisation support is being added too, with the ability to decorate your Titan with decals. A new ‘hashtag’ system is also being implemented to allow you to play with similarly-minded players.

Alongside this DLC, a new 2v2 Last Titan Standing mode is being added, which will be free to all players.

A season pass for Titanfall is available at $25 on Origin, which will bag you Expedition and two further map packs to be released later on.

Thanks IGN and GameSpot.