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DmC: Devil May Cry intro video is not for fans of subtlety; Bloody Palace mode revealed

DMC Devil May Cry

I still find it difficult to get past the name DmC: Devil May Cry, it’s like being called John Johnson, but (with great effort) let us put that aside and watch the intro sequence to DmC: Devil May Cry. In which a large suited man is told by his assistant(?) that “The world is at last your bitch. As am I. Nothing left, you just grab it by the hair, bend it over and…”. Yeah. It’s about as subtle as The Game.

Well. After four minutes of that you’re likely looking forward to hearing more about John Johnson. Well, after its release on 22 January we’ll be seeing a free update that adds the Bloody Palace.

It’ll unlock after you’ve completed the game and it takes the form of 100 morelevels to fight your way through, including five bosses to fight.

No word on whether you’ll be grabbing the bosses hair andbendingthem over a table but fingers crossed, eh? Fingers crossed.

Whatever happened to the days of subtle sexism?