Dogs of war: Space Wolves come to Space Hulk in space expansion

Space Hulk: Fangs of Fenris

More than a couple of PCGamesN staffers read White Dwarf in their youth, and its influence breaks cover whenever we write a battle report for XCOM or Card Hunter or whatever next turn-based tactics game we’re due to fall head-and-heels for.

So despite the initial disappointment with Full Control’s Space Hulk adaptation, and despite the slow-burn realisation that its problem lies with the dice, this Fangs of Fenris DLC more than piques our interest. The three mission campaign was first published in White Dwarf #200 in 1996, and will makes its first digital appearance as a Space Hulk add-on by Christmas.

Fangs of Fenris features the Space Wolves, who’ll need no introduction to those with a passing familiarity with 40K. Everybody else, think Space Marines dressed in furs and an authority complex. The Wolf Guard’s terminators will bring their weapons with them: Frost Blades, Frost Axes and Wolf Claws.

“When it came to selecting the first expansion chapter for Space Hulk we felt that the introduction the Space Wolves would be both a great addition to the game, and a nod to the fact that our studio is based in the heart of Scandinavia – the Viking kingdoms of the past,” said Thomas Hentschel Lund, CEO of the Danish studio.

“Devastatingly ferocious in attack and immovably resolute in defense, the Wolf Guard will be a fantastic addition to the Space Hulk universe introducing new gameplay styles and methodology into the classic turn based action.”

No Space Marine chapter can call themselves immovably resolute until they’ve run a Hearthstone beta key giveaway, in my book. Still: new methodology is always welcome in a game as tough as Space Hulk. As is the 33% offSteam sale, due to run for 24 hours this Saturday, October 12.