Here’s a fresh look at open-world creature-collecting game DokeV

A South Korean outlet has shared some great new footage of the upcoming creature-collecting game

A creature collector and a monster from upcoming open-world adventure game DokeV

DokeV is a Pokémon-like creature-collecting open-world game on the way from Black Desert Online and Crimson Desert developer Pearl Abyss. The upcoming game was given a fresh airing at this year’s Gamescom, and it caught plenty of attention thanks to its pretty gorgeous locations, exciting-looking gameplay, and vibrant visual style. Now, we’ve got another peek at DokeV from a South Korean media clip.

The footage, which you can see below (via user Ultimadrago on Resetera), comes from a Subusu News video and gives us an idea of some of the tech behind the action-adventure game. Though it’s a Korean language clip, handily there are English subtitles to walk us through the outlet’s behind-the-scenes look at Pearl Abyss’ development on DokeV. The clip highlights the high level of detail of the game’s models and textures, and shows us some of the real-world object-scanning tech that helped the devs bring these into the game.

The studio has a room specifically dedicated to scanning 3D objects into its games, with an ornate incense burner being an example that we see folded into DokeV as a background prop. This is tech used across plenty of games, of course, but it does offer us a useful insight into how the studio’s going about incorporating high levels of detail into DokeV’s world.

Elsewhere, we get a look at the motion capture technology Pearl Abyss is drawing on to bring the characters’ movements to life – so, expect to see folks in dark mocap suits gliding around a big room on skateboards, bicycles, and the like. Plus, there are other sections giving us a flavour of how the game’s world is being crafted, which offers a fresh look at its open world in action. Take a look below:

YouTube Thumbnail

It’s a decent chunk of footage to check out, with the clip running to around ten minutes long, so worth seeing if you’re excited to know more about the game (and do pop those English subs on if you’d like full context).

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There’s no DokeV release date to jot down just yet, but you can find out a bit more about the game on its site (and there’s always the Gamescom trailer above, too. If you’re looking for more games like Pokémon to try out in the meantime, you know where to click.