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Indie tower defense roguelike Dome Keeper release date announced

Dome Keeper, an indie tower defense game inspired by Terraria and Kingdom: Two Crowns, has an official release date and a new trailer

Dome Keeper release date: A translucent dome fires lightning and energy weapons at dark flying monsters approaching from the alien sky

If you tried the demo for the indie Terraria-meets-tower defense game Dome Keeper during the Steam Next Fest earlier this year, we have good news: the release date has now been announced. Dome Keeper will launch September 27, which means you’ll be able to dig into the alien surface again in less than a month.

Dome Keeper blends the mining and subterranean exploration of Terraria with some light tower defence and roguelike elements. On the surface of a hostile alien world, you’ve got a protective dome that keeps you and your habitat alive and thriving. You can’t go outside, so the only way to find more of what you need is to dig.

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You’ll want to make sure you can return to your dome quickly though, because it’ll periodically be attacked by spooky alien creatures who apparently object to people showing up on their planet and digging out underground tunnel systems. Using resources you find below the surface, you’ll be able to research new technologies and base defences to keep the aliens at bay.

The loop seems very similar to Kingdom: New Lands, in which you have to maintain a growing base on a 2D playing field – it’s always a matter of balancing your time between exploring further and keeping your defences maintained back home.

Dome Keeper – which you can wishlist on Steam right now – appears to be adding a few elements of its own to the mix, and we’ll all be able to dig into it when it arrives in September.