Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked will be cast away on Steam Early Access from December 1st


Is there another small studio as flexible and multi-talented as Klei? Flitting from fight-heavy platforming to stealth in the sublime Mark of the Ninja, they then sorted out the survival genre with Don’t Starve – before turning their cloak-and-dagger antics turn-based in Invisible, Inc. Now they’re back to wasting away with Shipwrecked, a new Don’t Starve expansion and collaboration with Capy.

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Announced back in the summer when the baking sun of its concept art didn’t appear quite so exotic, Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked promises new playable characters, biomes, creatures and seasonal effects, plus that familiar slow starvation we’ve grown so fond of.

Like the game proper and Reign of Giants DLC before it, Shipwrecked will be playable in Early Access on Windows up til its official release. There’ll be regular updates offering substantial new stuff, as well as tweaks and bug fixes.

“We’d be fools to not involve you again when it comes to the development of Shipwrecked,” wrote Klei.

Migration between worlds won’t be possible until final release, and there’s no co-op for the time being, but Klei say the expansion is already “fully playable” thanks to the help of co-developers Capy – they of Sword & Sworcery fame.

The name Wilson enjoys particular resonance on a tropical island, don’t you think? Not sure how he’ll manage to stay so spookily pale in that climate, mind.