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Doom 3: Not the BFG Edition returns to Steam; BFG source code coming soon


When Doom 3: BFG Edition slithered its way into Steam’s pipes in October, Bethesda assumed that only traditionalist fusspots and gaming historians would care to own the original game and pulled it from the service. Well: it turns out that most Steam users fall into one or both of those categories. Consequently, Doom 3: 2004 Hysteria Edition has been returned to its usual place.

“On the heels of Doom 3 BFG Edition’s release, we heard feedback from fans: you still wanted a chance to purchase the game’s original 2004 release,” said Bethesda on their blog. “Beginning this week, the original version of Doom 3 and its expansion, Resurrection of Evil, are available at a lower price.”

Doom 3 is now £5.99/$9.99, Resurrection of Evil is £3.99/$4.99, and together they’re £7.99/$12.99.

Factor into your calculations the fact that Doom 3: BFG Edition is still £19.99 and reuses entire rooms from the original game in its new campaign and those prices start to look very un-shabby indeed.

Then again, Bethesda have also seen fit to mention BFG’s source code in the same post. It’s due out “in the near future”, with a more specific ETA promised soon. Worth forking out for?

Thanks, Eurogamer.