Someone is bringing Doom 3 to VR with an upcoming mod

Not content with letting players dive face first into the worlds of Half-Life and Return to Castle Wolfenstein, prolific modder DrBeef now has their sights set on porting Doom 3 over to wireless VR headset Oculus Quest. Ever wondered what’s nestling behind a cacodemon’s tonsils? Of course you have. We all have.

Much like the modder’s previous ports, Doom 3 will require the user to own a copy of the original game, alongside third party app SideQuest. This is a sideloading app for Oculus Quest that lets you do all sorts of neat stuff. Simon Brown, aka DrBeef, recently told UploadVR that running Doom 3 on the Quest requires “some concessions”, but the game “runs surprisingly well without having […] to axe too much in terms of effects”.

As UploadVR points out, Oculus and Doom 3 have a bit of history. The original Oculus Kickstarter campaign promised a “copy of DOOM 3 BFG Edition, the first Oculus-ready game, with every Rift dev kit”, way back in the halcyon, carefree days of 2012.

The news comes from DrBeef’s Twitter page. As we’ve said, he’s a seriously prolific modder when it comes to porting classic FPS games to the Oculus, having already tackled the original Doom, among others.

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