Doom multiplayer closed alpha begins this weekend

Doom alpha

The closed alpha for Doom begins this weekend, folks. It’ll be the first hands-on with id’s gore-strewn revival shooter available to the public, and if you pre-ordered or bought a digital copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order back in May, you’re eligible. However – this isn’t the much-anticipated beta, so you’re not guaranteed to get into this alpha. You’ll get your chance though, at an unspecified later date when that beta goes live.

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Via the official Doom Twitter account, here’s the details of when it takes place:

Again, just so we’re absolutely clear if you’re eligible or not, here’s the official line via the alpha’s FAQ page:

Closed Alpha participants will be chosen from the people who have redeemed their DOOM Beta codes included with some physical retail copies of Wolfenstein: The New Order, and to those who pre-purchased or purchased the game digitally through May 26, 2014.

If you find yourself with a code, you’ll get access to a 6v6 team deathmatch mode on an industrial map named Heatwave, which features one centralised open area surrounded by tight corridors, walkways, and smaller rooms.

There are two power ups to hunt for: the Revenant, which literally turns you into a Revenant demon with a jetpack and dual rocket launchers, and the Gauss Canon, a one-hit kill boomstick that also lets you see your target through walls with its alternate fire mode. Sounds OP, but a) that’s kind of the point, and b) you’re given very little ammo.

Outside of power ups you’ll have access to six weapons: the Vortex Rifle, Super Shotgun, Repeater, Rocket Launcher, Static Cannon, and Plasma Rifle. In addition, you’ll also have frag grenades and a personal teleporter. Happy hunting.

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