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Doom Eternal devs have made sure cross-play tech would work - it’s just up to publishers

Cross-play isn't confirmed, but it's not a technical problem

Doom Eternal will take multiplayer in a different direction this time, which will pit demon-controlling players against the predictably overpowered Doom Slayer in a new battle mode. The game’s also coming out across PC and consoles, and we now live in a world where full cross-play is possible – and there’s nothing technical that could stop Doom Eternal from doing the same.

“We haven’t talked too much about that publicly,” executive producer Marty Stratton tells IGN. “We haven’t done anything technically that would prevent it, so we’d love to. We want to connect players in as many ways as possible, there’s a lot of publishing and first-party type of stuff that we need to sort out, but from a technical perspective, we’ve made sure we haven’t limited ourselves to prevent that.”

In the same interview, Stratton confirms that Doom Eternal will not have traditional deathmatch multiplayer. Largely, that’s due to the lackluster response the previous game’s multiplayer received, though plenty of fans have expressed their disappointment that the developers aren’t going for those classic arena battles.

With or without deathmatch, the game is looking fantastic, and you can find out why in our Doom Eternal gameplay preview.

If you missed Bethesda’s showcase, you can catch the highlights above.

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