Doom Eternal announced and it looks like hell has come to Earth

doom eternal

Doom 2 anyone? It looks like we’re going to see Hell on Earth as the next Doom game in the rebooted series. It’s called Doom Eternal and inspired by Hell on Earth.

The announcement comes from Bethesda’s E3 showcase and a full gameplay reveal is promised at Quakecon on August 10. Not much is known about the sequel, but a few things have been promised: the Doom Slayer will feel more powerful than ever with new weapons and abilities, there will be twice as many demon types, and Mick Gordon returns to score the soundtrack.

A new Doom game is not too big a surprise, if we’re brutally honest. The 2016 reboot of the ’90s classic first-person shooter closed on a fairly major hint, implying id Software and Bethesda were looking to create a new title. As Doom Guy returns to Mars after his jaunt in hell, the director of the facility, Samuel Hayden – the guy who sent him to hell in the first place – reveals he’s been playing you all this time.

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Here’s the E3 2018 reveal trailer:

Hayden states that he won’t be shutting down the facility, despite the fact that it literally opened a portal to Hell, because Earth is too dependent on the power it creates. With that, Hayden teleports you to a mystery location, but not before ominously suggesting that you’ll meet again.

If that wasn’t enough, bear in mind that Doom sold more than two million copies on PC alone, and also saw a surprisingly successful debut when it released on the Nintendo Switch. Yeah, we knew this was coming.