Turn demons into Elvis with this Doom Eternal mod – wait, this is official?!

This Doom Eternal skin exists and I don't know how to pretend I'm alright anymore

Mods let you do anything. They’ll let you turn Skyrim into one of the bawdiest sex games around. They’ll even let you turn demons into Elvis, as a new Doom Eternal mod demonstrates – wait. I’m now being informed that this is, in fact, an official Doom Eternal skin available as part of an in-game event starting today. Because it’s 2020, and we all need a little joy in our lives.

The Viva Las VEGA event is now underway, and will last until September 24. “This event has casino flavor,” id says, “but there’s no luck required to get these rewards” – instead, you’ll unlock new skins by just playing the game. Grab XP through playing the campaign, battle mode, or hitting the weekly challenges, and you’ll unlock the cosmetics.

Those cosmetics include things like the Galaxy Sprinkles Slayer, the Tiger Pain Elemental, and yes, the King Mancubus Master Collection – which, as id describes in the blog post is “here to turn your foes into a hunk-a, hunk-a burning flesh”. I hate it. I also love it. I love it and hate it at the same time and in equal measure.

These skins are intended for battle mode, but I’ll have my fingers crossed for an option to use them in single-player. Probably. Look, I’m having very conflicted feelings here.

Extremely conflicted.

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Doom Eternal has already gotten some supremely silly cosmetics with options like the Mullet Slayer via Twitch Prime. If you’re looking for a more substantial bit of content, the first Doom Eternal DLC, the Ancient Gods, is on the way, and will get a full reveal at Gamescom later this month. For more great FPS games, you can follow that link.