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Doom Eternal’s got some new master levels, courtesy of this modder

Three stages have been remixed so far

If you’re in need of a challenge, Doom Eternal‘s got some fresh master levels, and they aren’t coming from developer id Software. One modder has taken to the FPS game themselves to remix stages for as much ripping and tearing as possible.

Within the last two weeks, modder FaDaQ has uploaded three master levels for the space game, forged using the limited options and tools available. The first of three is a rejig of Hell On Earth, the opening stage, and one that isn’t slated to get an official upgrade from id as yet. The next is Exultia, with alterations to the soundtrack to make the in-game music more dynamic, and the latest is Mars Core. In the description for the latter, it’s specified as “more more complex than what id offers us”.

If you aren’t familiar, master levels are versions of established stages with enemies and equipment changed to make things harder, or at the very least fresher feeling. The concept stretches back to an expansion for Doom 2 from 1995 that included a bunch of levels made by contractors that’s available in almost any classic Doom bundle you can purchase. All in, eight of these remixes are planned for Eternal, including one that came as a pre-order bonus, and another for early adopters after the release date. Let it be known these mods are for everyone, without restriction.


Several other creative modifications have been made for Doom Eternal, including a Horde Mood, so you can blast demons in the horror game until you die. These projects are all the more impressive when you consider Eternal doesn’t yet have official mod support or mod tools.

If you’re an old school Doomslayer, Doom and Doom 2 got updates recently. Doom Eternal’s first DLC, The Ancient Gods, Part One, comes out October 20, while Eternal is set to arrive on Game Pass sometime this year. You can find FaDaQ on Nexus here – as always, mod with caution.