Doom Eternal release time details – here’s when you can preload and play

Here's all the information you need to get to shooting demons as soon as possible

Some of the demons you'll be facing in Doom Eternal

As the Doom Eternal release date draws near, it’s only natural to shift your curiosity from what day it’s launching to what time you can actually play it. You’ll also want to play it straight away, so it’s wise to get everything loaded up beforehand. Thankfully, Bethesda has revealed all the details we need to do just that.

The Doom Eternal release time for PC is set for March 19 at 21:01 PDT and March 20 at 04:01 GMT/ 00.01 EDT in North and South America. For Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, it’s March 19 at 08:01 PDT/ 11:01 EDT/ 15:01 GMT. Finally, if you’re in Europe or the rest of the world, Doom Eternal will be available from March 19 at 17:01 PDT/ 20:01 EDT and March 20 at 00:01 GMT.

You can download the game before it goes live, too. The Doom Eternal preload time for PC is 48 hours before the release time in your region. We’re only one day for the launch date, though, so most of you should be able to start preloading the game now.

From the looks of things, lots of people will be queuing up to blast some demons in the next Doom game. Our deputy editor Rich gave the game a 9/10 in his Doom Eternal review. He wasn’t the only person to score the game highly, though. Looking at our Doom Eternal score round-up shows plenty of nines across the board, alongside some tens, too.

One thing you won’t be seeing, however, is Doom Eternal Deathmatch. While the game mode remains eternally linked to the series, Bethesda exec Pete Hines has said that the mode just doesn’t fit anymore.

If you’re bummed out over that, or want to pass the time with another shooter while you wait for Doom Eternal to come out, we’ve wrangled together some of the best FPS games on PC to help you do just that – as a treat.