Doom Eternal review roundup – all the scores in one place

Doom Eternal’s release date arrives very soon, finally satisfying our primal need to shoot demons in the face. With that magical March 20 date fast approaching, Doom Eternal reviews have finally gone live around the world, and it appears the reception has been very positive.

PCGamesN’s Doom Eternal PC review, written by our brilliant deputy editor, Richard Scott-Jones, is full of praise for id Software’s latest shooter. Rich says: “Each fight is a maelstrom of somehow readable violence with all the cathartic power of a temper tantrum, and when the gore settles, you’ll feel every bit as spiritually purged as the Earth you’re saving.” He awards it a 9/10.

Other sites are just as effusive in their praise. PC Gamer calls it a “bright and loud, hyper violent yet tastefully refined, and absolutely draining” experience, while IGN award the game’s single-player campaign a 9/10. Many sites, IGN included, have opted to roll with reviews-in-progress, and those will be reflected in the table of review scores below.

Looks like I know what game I’m getting next, then.