Doom Eternal has a new (free) battle pass and a hipster Archvile

You can unlock the Archvile's inner ska fan in this season's progression track

If forced to come up with something I don’t like about Doom Eternal, I’d have to say it’s all the stuff that isn’t perforating and tearing up angry demons. C’mon, this is Doom we’re talking about, right? Its beauty lies in its simplicity. But Eternal adds several layers of candy shell over that gooey core, and one of those is the experience-based progression system – and that just clicked over into a new ‘season’ this week, allowing you to unlock a special skin for the Archvile that gives him a tight black T-shirt and suspenders.

This ‘Hipster Archvile’ skin is one of the rewards offered in Doom Eternal’s series two, which runs until May 14. It’s a free battle pass-style system for unlocking loot, mainly by playing Doom Eternal as you normally would. The Archvile skin also features tight black jeans, some Chuck Taylors, and an annoying haircut with sunglasses to match.

He hangs out on a new pedestal that’s modeled to look like the entrance to a cool urban coffee joint, complete with hand-lettered chalkboard featuring the specials of the day and a bank of community mugs.

Once you earn the skin, you can put it on the Archvile and they’ll all appear like that during the campaign. There’s also various weapon skins to earn, a ‘camo’ skin for the Doom Slayer, and a ‘Toad King’ skin for the Pain Elemental, which looks a bit more thematically consistent with the rest of the game.

Pretty much anything you do in Doom Eternal counts toward your progress on the new progression track, but you’ll get extra points for completing the weekly objectives displayed on the home menu screen each time you fire up the game.

If you’re still working your way through the campaign and want to make sure you don’t miss anything, check out our guide to Doom Eternal Slayer Gates, which will show you where each one of them is and how to open them up. You’ll want to do that in order to unlock the game’s most powerful weapon.