Doom Eternal Slayer Gate key locations: how to get all Empyrean keys

Stumbled upon a Slayer Gate and wonder what rewards lie within? Here’s how to access all six Slayer Gates

Slayer Gate Keys Doom Eternal

Looking for a list of all the Slayer Gates and Slayer Gate Keys in Doom Eternal? Slayer Gates are bonus stages you’ll encounter across six levels in Doom Eternal, and each one boasts a challenging arena for you to battle through. Survive the encounter and you’ll get an Empyrean Key that can be used to unlock the Unmakyr as an alternative to the BFG. However, not all of the Doom Eternal Slayer Gates and Slayer Gate keys are easy to track down – some will task you with finding a destructible wall or solving a puzzle.

We’ve managed to complete all six Slayer Gates and get our hands on the unlockable new gun, so we thought we’d offer a helpful guide full of images and descriptions to guide you through all Slayer Gates and their respective Slayer Gate Keys. Keep in mind, the Slayer Gate Keys will not appear in the level if you have any of the Doom Eternal Cheat Codes activated: you’ll see a pinkish light where the key would normally appear, but you won’t be able to grab it.

When you do cross through the Slayer Gate and interact with the gore nest inside, be ready for a fight, as these combat encounters ratchet the action, mix of enemies, and demonic threat well beyond eleven. Here’s where to find every Slayer Gate and Doom Eternal key.

Doom Eternal Slayer Gate key locations

To open Slayer Gates in Doom Eternal you’ll need the Slayer Gate Key, which is always close by. You may have to do some climbing, flinging, and slaying to find it. You won’t have to travel too far, the key will be in the general area, but you’ll have to work to find it.

Exultia Slayer Gate Key

You’ll encounter this after heading through the hellscape portal – it’s quite close to the end of the Exultia level when you reach the floating platforms puzzle.

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When you’re at the end of the floating platform puzzle you should spot the Slayer Gate easily to the right of the cave that leads to the next area. Then climb up the stack of three ledges and turn around when you get to the top. Leap across the gap using the dash refill pickup. Finally, jump down onto the rock to collect your key.

Exultia Slayer Gate

If you approach the Slayer Gate, turn a 180, then look up you should see a boulder suspended in the air with some chains, this is where you’ll find the Exultia Slayer Gate Key. So, how do you get up there? Head inside the cave that leads to the next area of the level.

Cultist Base Slayer Gate Key

The Cultist Base Slayer Gate Key is located in plain sight right next to the Slayer Gate itself. You’ll find both in one of the final rooms of the Cultist Base level, in the room with the massive crucified demon.

Getting to this key is pretty simple, but the path is hidden away beneath the main platform. Head over to the dead demon and look at the flanking walls: you should see some climbing walls on both sides. However, if you look down a little further there’s actually an additional set of climbing walls. Jump to these, then rotate and you should spot some monkey bars leading to a tunnel beneath the main platform. Just mix in your jumps and dashes until you reach the end of the path and are at the top of the final climbing wall. Rotate now and then leap up to the room before finally using another set of monkey bars to reach the crawl space with the Cultist Base Slayer Gate Key.

Cultist Base Slayer Gate

This is in the same area , located just beneath a weight that you’ll have to set free in order to progress to the next area – you really can’t miss it.

Super Gore Nest Slayer Gate Key

This one is pretty easy to discover on the main mission path, but just in case you’ll need to acquire all three keys and head back to the first main arena you fight in. The blue key will open up the gore nest mouths here, granting you a jump pad. Use the jump pad to climb onto a patch of gore, then battle through the corridor. Eventually, you’ll come to an overlook of the super gore nest arena and you’ll spy the level’s key, too. Grab it before jumping down and heading to the Slayer Gate itself.

Super Gore Nest Slayer Gate

This is located near the Super Gore Nest arena where you need to place all three Slayer Gate Keys. If you’re looking at the super gore nest then turn to your right and look down slightly for a concrete tunnel with a pinkish hue – that’s where you’re heading.

Arc Complex Slayer Gate Key

As per usual, the Arc Complex Slayer Gate Key is located close to the Slayer Gate itself. Just after the first battle in the sludge-flooded main street you’ll interact with a green panel and a skyscraper will open up shortly after, packed with more demons to slay. Battle through until you come to a main atrium, then look around and you should spot two pinkish areas: one is the gate, the other is the key. To get the Arc Complex Slayer Gate Key you need to ascend a staircase in the atrium (this is where you’ll encounter the gate itself), then look to your right and you can see a climbing wall. Leap to that, look left and then leap and dash across to the key

Arc Complex Slayer Gate

As mentioned above, you actually need to pass the Arc Complex Slayer Gate before getting the key so no excuses for missing this one.

Mars Core Slayer Gate Key

This Slayer Gate and key combo are found after the rock-hopping sequence, inside a metal storage facility with lots of tentacle spawns. Inside the facility you should find a panel that you can interact with, which will open up a new area and cause a platform to rise out of the ground. Hop on this platform and then up to the ledge on the right – there’s another collectible on the left ledge – before smashing through the grate. Follow this path and you’ll find the Mars Core Slayer Gate Key.

Mars Core Slayer Gate

The Slayer Gate for the Mars Core level can be found in the same area as the key and is pretty much directly beneath the key.

Taras Nabad Slayer Gate Key

Both key and gate are found in the Catacombs segment of the Taras Nabad level. You will be able to see the key clearly if you’re exploring the sewers, but you can only reach it after going through all of the underwater segments. Once you emerge from the Catacombs underwater section, make sure you explore the last section of sewer tunnel before heading into the next room as this will open up a path to the Slayer Gate /and/ grant you the key.

Taras Nabad Slayer Gate

Just keep running after picking up the key, the room will be on the right.

Doom Eternal Slayer Gate rewards

The Doom Eternal Slayer Gate rewards are:

  • One Empyrean Key per gate
  • Three weapon points for clearing demonic corruption
  • Series XP gained to reach next level

And there you have it, everything you need to know about Slayer Gates in Doom Eternal. If you’re struggling with these then don’t forget that you can always adjust the difficulty slider on the fly to tick these off your list.