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You can play Doom Eternal in third person

Using a few Cheat Engine commands, Doom Eternal can become a third person shooter

doom eternal slayer

Doom Eternal is the latest in a line of games that dates back to the grand-daddy of all shooters, the original Doom. And while a lot has changed since 1993, one thing really is eternal – PC gamers love to fiddle with stuff. Thanks to the Cheat Engine and a few dedicated code wranglers, you can now (sort of) play Doom Eternal from a third person perspective.

Strange as it may seem to want to shift away from a first person camera in a storied FPS like Doom Eternal, it’s possible if you’re willing to do a bit of Cheat Engine-powered tweaking. To get going, you’ll need Cheat Engine 7.0, which is a free and open-source program available here. You’ll be able to use Cheat Engine to change key variables within Doom Eternal, which brings us to a warning: PCGamesN does not endorse monkeying with internal game files, and you’ll be doing so completely at your own risk if you decide to try this out yourself.

Once you’re set up with Cheat Engine, head to the community forums to find SunBeam’s cheat table for Doom Eternal. There are a ton of variables in there that can be changed to give you infinite ammo, enable god or noclip modes, or even give you infinite jumps.

But what we’re concerned with is the third person camera. Here it is in action:

It’s a little clunky, and obviously things get weird during glory kills and chainsaw kills, but it works.

You’ll want to change the cvar pm_thirdPerson from 0 to 1, which will pull the camera out into third person mode. There are several other values with in the cvar list that can change the behaviour of the camera, and fiddling with these may be required to get things working.

SunBeam’s cheat table works with the Steam version of Doom Eternal, but they’ve included some guidance on how to create a similar table for the Bethesda launcher version. As ever, mod responsibly.

Doom Eternal has its own in-game cheat codes you can find without breaking into the code, of course – you just have to find all the old floppy disks that contain them. Check out our Doom Eternal cheat code guide to learn where to find them all.