Give Doom Eternal’s Slayer a big blonde mullet with the latest Twitch Prime loot

Good news Doom Eternal fans – if you’re signed up to Twitch Prime, the streaming platform’s “premium experience” subscription option, you can scoop up some snazzy new in-game goodies for the FPS game’s hero, the Doom Slayer. The latest offering gives Doomguy a retro ’80s style – it’s a ‘Mullet Slayer Master Collection’.

That’s right – sign up with Twitch Prime and you’ll get access to the Slayer’s dazzling new look which, as you can see below, comes complete with a blonde mullet and giant moustache plastered onto his iconic green helmet. Nice. According to the site, the Doom Eternal Twitch Prime drop – which can be redeemed right now – adds the Mullet Slayer skin with three colour variants, as well as three character animations, and an “upgradable ‘The Den’ podium”.

It looks like there’s more loot to follow later this summer, too – the next two options for June and July say there’s in-game content on the way, with details to come “soon”. All we know for now is there’s something called an “Exclusive Slayer Master Collection” set for sometime next month. Hmm.

If you’re tempted to scoop up the Mullet Slayer Twitch Prime content pack, you’ve got until July 2 to grab it. To get it, you’ll need to “Link your account with your Amazon account, claim your Slayer Master Collection through Twitch Prime and login to DOOM Eternal with your account,” the Twitch page advises. “Once you’re in the game, go to the customization menu on the home screen to view and apply your Slayer Master Collection items.”

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