How to unlock the Unmakyr in Doom Eternal

Get your hands on this demon-shredding alternative to the BFG

How do you unlock the Unmakyr in Doom Eternal? For those that remember the Unmakyr, the laser gatling super weapon from Doom 64, will be very pleased to hear you can once again rise forth and slay demons using this special weapon in Eternal.

If you’ve not heard of the Unmakyr then here’s why you should be excited to play with this behemoth of a weapon, made up of the bones and flesh from your fallen enemies. Now called the Unmakyr, this laser gun is better than the BFG and was cut from the original Doom. It shoots a rapid-fire laser and consumes the same ammo as the BFG, and can be compared to the Plasma Rifle in terms of its rate of fire. Fans’ cries of woe for wanting to play with the Unmakyr did not go unheard and now, after some hard graft slaying demons of all shapes and sizes in dank dungeon arenas, you’ll get to see what all the fuss is about.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to work quite hard to unlock the Unmakyr in Doom Eternal, but it’s not out of reach. Here’s how to unlock the Unmakyr in Doom Eternal.

How do you unlock the Unmakyr in Doom Eternal?

To unlock the Unmakyr in Doom Eternal you’ll need to collect all six Empyrean Keys. To do this, you’ll need to successfully defeat all six Doom Eternal Slayer Gates – check out that link for a detailed breakdown of how to find each one – with one gate found on each of the following levels:

  • Exultia
  • Cultist Base
  • Super Gore Nest
  • Arc Complex
  • Mars Core
  • Taras Nabad

Once you’ve collected all six Empyrean Keys, head to the Fortress of Doom hub and activate the Maykr Device to unlock the Unmakyr.

Unlocking Unmakyr Doom Eternal

It’s really important to note that you can only access a Slayer Gate if you’re playing without any of the Doom Eternal Cheat Codes active. You might notice a pinkish hue where the Slayer Gate Key is meant to spawn, but you won’t be able to actually see it unless you’ve got cheats deactivated. We definitely didn’t spend three hours looking around some sewers for the final one. Definitely not.

Additional reporting by Jordan Forward