John Romero’s Doom 2 level raises over €25K for Ukrainian relief

'One Humanity' is the first Doom 2 level John Romero has made since 1994 and it's in support of Ukraine, raising over €25K.

Fighting monsters in John Romero's new Doom 2 level, One Humanity, built to support Ukraine

March 7, 2022: John Romero’s new Doom 2 level for Ukrainian relief has raised over €25,000 so far.

John Romero is one of PC gaming’s most legendary figures, and he’s out here continuing to create new levels for his most famous works. Sigil released in 2019 as a free, unofficial fifth episode for the original Doom, and now Romero has released a new, paid Doom II level supporting humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

The level is called One Humanity, and it’s available for €5.00 (about $5.80 USD) on Romero’s website. Every penny, as Romero explains on Twitter, goes to the Red Cross and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund. You’ll need to make use of a modern Source port of Doom II in order to play the .WAD file.

The new Doom 2 level for charity was announced and released on May 3, and now just four days later, John Romero has announced that their efforts have raised over €25,000 for Ukrainian relief – which is around $27.3K USD or £20.6K GBP – and the count is still going up.

Plenty of game industry figures have been using their reach to help support charity efforts in Ukraine. A group of indie devs are building a massive charity bundle to support the International Medical Corps and Voices of Children. The developers behind anti-war game This War of Mine pledged recent proceeds from the game to support the Ukrainian Red Cross. The Truck Simulator devs are building a DLC pack to support charity, too.

If you would like to donate in support of Ukraine directly, you can donate to UNICEFDoctors Without Borders, and Voices of Children at those links.