This Doom mod is System Shock, Prey, and Aliens combined – and there’s a demo

The Doom Siren mod turns the FPS into a combination of System Shock, Prey, and Aliens.

The Doom Siren mod is a survival horror take inspired by System Shock, Prey, and Aliens

If there’s one thing the original Doom games aren’t short on, it’s fantastic mods that completely change the experience. New Doom mod Siren is a creepy new survival horror take in the style of System Shock, F.E.A.R., Prey, and Aliens – and there’s a new demo to try out now.

While id Software tried its hand at a Doom survival horror game with Doom 3 nearly 20 years ago, the more recent games like the fantastic Doom Eternal have put more emphasis on action over creepiness. This leaves room for modders to make their own horror takes on Doom, something they regularly deliver on.

Siren is a new mod made by creator Dithered Output and has been in development for at least two years – and the latest 0.6 build is playable right now in a new demo. The modder says that they aimed to create “an experience closer to an Aliens game but with the variety and gameplay benefits the roster of Doom monsters brings”.

While the demo’s out now, you can also check out the latest trailer below. The Aliens influence is obvious but there’s also more of an immersive sim feel to playing it, similar to System Shock – although the terrifying titular smoke monster is like something out of Prey. To play it, you’ll need a copy of the campaign demo, GZDoom, and either Doom II or Final Doom. Be warned though: it’s pretty tough, even on Normal.

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