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a-caco-ppella: Doom mod replaces sound effects with human mouth-noise


Doom is famous for its sound effects: the low shout of the shotgun; the wail-clunk of the vertically-sliding doors; the enemy barks made terrifying for the lack of footsteps preceding them.

They inspire imitation. And imitated they have been, in their entirety, by a man with a microphone and a way with modding.

The sound mod appeared early last week on Doomworld, deceptively titled ‘Greatest sound .wad ever’.

“This was actually made at the end of July in 2014,” wrote creator Mallo. “But I was too lazy to actually upload it.”

And under ‘bugs’, the author recommended users not to install his work: “This entire thing is a one big bug.”

Those who do, however, are treated to a dynamic performance of doo-wop item pick-ups and tongue-click reloads. Hear many of those noises captured in their element by RPS:

The mod’s compatible with the first two Dooms. No word on whether or not it’ll be updated for Doom 4. Which will you try it with first?