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Brutal Doom is getting new guns, dual wielding, and the option to remove vertical axis aiming

Brutal Doom

Brutal Doom is the mod that keeps on giving, cranking up the classic FPS to ridiculous levels, adding new guns, features and, obviously, lashings of extra gore. Some people like to pick and choose how their favourite FPS evolves, though, and many don’t like how you have to aim up and down, because it changes the feel of the original too much. Well now there’s an option to turn on auto-aim so you only have to aim left and right.

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Previously there was a bug that meant auto-aim couldn’t be implemented. Trying to shoot distant enemies often defaulted to aiming at a corpse on the floor. Luckily, the developer has plugged that, so purists can toggle it on in the options menu and blast away.

Elsewhere, the pistol now takes a special ammo type and acts as a backup weapon. It can also be dual-wielded at the expense of accuracy and reload time. There’s also a new weapon: the submachine gun – this weapon, sometimes replacing chainguns on the ground, can also be dual-wielded.

There’s a new melee weapon, too. The axe can be acquired by taking it from a zombie civilian once you’ve gibbed them. This powerful tool will take down medium-sized enemies in a single swing, assuming you hit the head or the chest. Swords and maces are coming later for medieval-themed levels.

Have a look at all that, as well as a sneak-preview of some new art assets, in the developer diary above.