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Brutal Doom v20 packs in even more gore

Brutal Doom mod v20

Brutal Doom, the insane mod that increases Doom’s gore levels to stomach-churning heights, has brought corpse destruction back for its 20th version. You can get an eye-full of smeared blood and guts in the test footage, which shows off some teeth-clenching headshots.

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Kicking around and generally blowing apart body bits has been in the mod before, but the v19 update saw the feature removed. Version 20 intends to put the morbid post-battle activity back in, allowing you to literally paint the corridors red with chainsaws and buckshot a your paintbrushes of choice.

There's currently no release date for v20, but it looks like the team are putting plenty of effort in. 

Thanks, PC Gamer.

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somebody336 Avatar
3 Years ago

"Currently no release date" Got my hopes up when I saw this article :(