This custom Doom gaming PC pays homage to a hellish final boss

You can now buy a custom Doom gaming PC with an iconic final boss trapped inside, but you may have to strike a deal with the devil to afford the pricey AMD rig

Doom boss Icon of Sin standing Infront of custom gaming PC

Doom is arguably the perfect gaming PC shooter, and this custom rig serves as a gnarly love letter to the influential FPS franchise. In particular, the build pays a hell-soaked homage to a specific final boss, but you might need to sell your soul to obtain one.

Created by ApexAlpha Labs, the custom gaming PC specifically features Doom 2’s final boss, the Icon of Sin. The giant horned beast is one of the franchise’s most famous adversaries, which is probably why it returned in 2020’s Doom Eternal. As well as this, the PC is kitted out with pentagram-themed fans and demonic PC case runes that complete the look.

Easily the most eye-catching thing about this custom build is the 3D-printed mecha goat head lurking just above the graphics card. It looks pretty menacing as well, as any gaming boss should. The diabolical horned visage of the Icon of Sin, combined with a red cooling system and glowing lights, really sells the unholiness of this rig.

Custom Doom gaming PCF on blue backdrop with Icon of Sin goat head inside and glyphs around case

The monstrous Doom build boasts beastly aesthetics, but it’s also armed with some of the best gaming PC parts. This thing sports an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X gaming CPU, 32GB of RAM, and an appropriately branded Radeon RX 6700 XT PowerColor Red Devil graphics card. Of course, devilish specs usually come with a fiendish price tag, and this particular system will set you back $3,700 USD.

This Icon of Sin gaming PC looks as though it’s been lovingly and professionally crafted by ApexAlpha, and it’s undoubtedly a hellishly magnificent powerhouse. No doubt many of you reading this will immediately be tempted to boot one of the games up and mow down some of gaming’s most notorious demons. Rip and tear, and all that.

If you’d rather not use a rig with a demon dwelling inside, you could always build your own Doom BFG gaming PC instead. Not into classic boomer shooters? There are plenty of rigs out inspired by other fan favourites, like God of War and Fallout 4, so you won’t have to settle for a regular black case and RGB lights.